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Rob’s Magic Morning

https://youtu.be/lxTHqbwmSi0 When Rob first started working from home he found that half his morning was gone before he even got started. Rob had to win back the morning so he could win back the day.

Working from Home

https://youtu.be/OLBMUciqWvc Learn from Rob as he learns how to work from home during times of uncertainty

Hear Rob R.O.A.R

https://youtu.be/mMW7ke1CkC4 To take control of his anxiety Rob has learned to awaken the lion in him.  He has learned how to R.O.A.R  (Relax, Observe, Attune, and Release). Rob uses this tool to regain balance whenever he is feeling anxious or...

Food Safety Leadership – eBook

The key to world-class food safety is strong food safety leadership and there is a significant need for support in developing the critical skills required to be a highly effective food safety leader.   To address the food safety leadership...