1. It is well established that staff that are vested in food safety deliver higher quality results and are more engaged in driving food safety initiatives.
  2. Engaged food safety leaders result in a more positive food safety culture which in turn builds customer confidence.
Yes. While in some cases it may be necessary to work together face to face, EyeOnRisk embraces modern communication technology and is able to work together with you virtually. In addition we have established international alliances allowing us to work with you through our partners.
With our extensive knowledge and experience in working in over 40 different countries we have created a portfolio of solutions that we know that work. We are education based and believe in positive reinforcement in the development of our current and future food safety leaders. We believe that the right food safety culture is what differentiates companies.
As each individual is different so too is each food company. While there are many common challenges, the path to achieving the desired outcome is different. Our Risk Management Models are design to take into account the unique needs of our customers.
  1. Brand protection through improved risk management
  2. Engaged and motivated employees that have a positive impact on food safety culture
  3. Improve reputation and increased customer satisfaction.
  4. Highly effective and productive food safety leaders and managers.

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