No matter where you are on your food safety journey we are right there with you. Whether you need to pass an important food safety audit or need support developing world-class food safety practices. EyeOnRisk specialises in supporting food safety leaders with their ongoing commitment to meeting customer demands, managing risk and future proofing their company brands.

Services include:

Engage a Food Safety Professional

Need a food safety leader for a day or even a month? We provide highly skilled food safety professionals to join your team either in person or virtually.

Pass Food Safety Audits and Inspections

All the support your team needs to pass customer inspections and certification audits.

Solving Food Safety Problems

Empower leaders to proactively lead teams to solve persistent problems. At EyeOnRisk we specialize in helping leaders solve HACCP, pest management, foreign material, and supply chain challenges. Our philosophy is not to solve problems but to help teams solve problems.

Building Highly Functional Teams

EyeOnRisk has teamed up with our partners at Spirited Adventures to provide a truly unique and life changing team building experience. Your coaches will travel with your team to an exclusive mobile safari camp in the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. Whether you want to reward your food safety leaders or remedy truly dysfunctional teams, this is an experience not to be missed.
In conjunction with the team at Spirited Adventures we will accelerate the growth of your food safety team. Through the process the team begins to think and behave differently. At stages we get comfortable with the uncomfortable. As trust deepens, we begin working with creativity and performance. This forms the platform for developing highly functional teams.
Duration: 10 days (including travel, 1-day initial gap assessment and 1 day follow up)

Leading Food Safety Improvement Initiatives

We facilitate the process to empower leaders to manage change and undertake Food Safety Improvement activities such as:
Drive Supply Chain Alignment
Proactively mitigate risks
Reduce customer complaints
Improve foreign material control

Blockchain Solutions

EyeOnRisk has teamed up with our partners at Veridoc Global to provide QR code verification solutions that leverage blockchain technology for all your food safety verification needs. Contact us now to book a demonstration on how this technology can be used to help you easily and economically demonstrate confidence in your food safety compliance requirements.

Managing Emerging Food Safety Trends

Are you a forward-thinking company that wants to be prepared for what is next on the food safety horizon? Are you wondering what the next HACCP, HARPC, TACCP, or VACCP will be? Invite EyeOnRisk to facilitate your next horizon scanning meeting on how current and future trends in technology will impact your business and work with your food safety leaders on strategies to capitalize or stay ahead by creating a technology implementation strategy and adoption process.

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