Food Safety Leadership – eBook

26 Apr 2024


The key to world-class food safety is strong food safety leadership and there is a significant need for support in developing the critical skills required to be a highly effective food safety leader.

To address the food safety leadership needs EyeOnRisk has written an eBook which you can download for free. The aim of the eBook is to highlight:

  1. the need for Food Safety Leadership

  2. the difference between a Food Safety Managers, Leaders and Champions

  3. the Food Safety Leadership Pathway

  4. the role of a Food Safety Leader

  5. the characteristics of a highly effective Food Safety Leader

  6. the 9 key technical skills that a food safety leader needs to master to become a Food Safety Champion 

In order to get the most out of the food safety leadership eBook we encourage you to engage an EyeOnRisk Food Safety Coach.